About Baba Yaga's International sales and movie release dates


'Baba Yaga' was released on May 29 on Vietnam and on June 11 on Thailand

Also in Germany horror exclusively streamed on Amazon Prime on May 29

At the start of the Marché, Moscow-based sales and distribution outfit Central Partnership has announced further deals on Russian horror Baba Yaga, Terror Of The Dark Forest, which is produced by Ivan Kapitonov and Svyatoslav Podgaevsky.

Koch Media has taken Italian rights, Kinovista has acquired all French-speaking territories and Moviecloud has acquired the urban horror tale for Taiwan. The film follows a young family who move to a new apartment on the outskirts of the city where they hire a sinister nanny to look after their young daughter. Baba Yaga is directed by Svyatoslav Pdgaevsky, whose previous horror films include Mermaid The Lake Of The Dead and The Bride, both strong sellers in the international marketplace. He recently completed a new feature, Dark Spell, which is also being handled by Central Partnership.


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